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This is our Little Samurai class its for the pre/school ages of 3 to 5.The instructor with our carefully structured training programs will help get them ready to face there first little challenges  . You will need to book in advance with Sensei Julie she is our most popular instructor for this group of students.

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Come and join in on our very popular family class from the ages of 5 onwards. Lets face it what else can you do with your family where you can learn and earn the skills you gain from our martial arts programmes You only pay for two people in your family, you can have a free trial on us so what have you got to lose.. well except a few inches maybe :D  

Give It A Try Give It A Try

This is a full on exciting complete body conditioning program aimed at competition level fitness . We will be working on , Fitness , JuJitsu , Takedowns , Sparring , Boxing , Weapons , Bag work , Pad drills , you won't get time to listen to the instructor  you will be too busy working hard in the class (competitions are optional) Try it for free to see how you get on.

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